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Modern FinTech technology enables consumers and businesses to transfer money cross-border in a secure, easy, fast and cost-effective way.
At, we’re taking it upon ourselves to map the global money transfer ecosystem on an ongoing basis, and to discover the best companies and services available in the world of international money transfers. And, we’re making this information easily accessible to users worldwide. Our aim is to provide our many users with easy-to-use, personalised tools to choose the service that best suits their specific money sending needs. We compared the top bank-beating services on a selected number of key areas: price (including exchange rates), service, technology and safety. We publish detailed reviews on the leading companies in the field and provide comparative information so our users can make smarter, better-balanced choices and decisions.

Personal helps you to make a deliberate choice when you are looking for a way to make an international money transfer. Whether you’re interested in sending funds to your loved ones abroad, buying property overseas, investing, paying bills, booking travel services, or clearing a recurring payment - we’ll give you all the relevant information so you’re in control and confident about your choice and you’ll be able to complete your transfer in a quick, easy, safe and cost-effective manner.
Options to transfer money abroad are abundant, but some services perform better than others when it comes to meeting the main criteria listed above.


Do you need to exchange currencies? If so, where do your funds originate from? Whether it is for paying your overseas suppliers, employees or partners, for investing in a business project abroad, or for quickly buying a foreign asset - every detail could potentially make quite a difference when transferring money internationally. Some services are better suited for contract handling and market orders, while others are preferred when it comes to FX hedging or billing related services.
Many factors play a role in the process of determining the best way to transfer money abroad for your business needs.


If you are currently working abroad and need to send money back home, or if you want to support loved ones residing in another country, or simply when you want to make a donation or send a gift, we’re talking of a remittance. Depending on the transfer amount, respective locations of sender and beneficiary, delivery options and speed, currency pairs and exchange rates, local limitations and government regulations, it may be worth considering using services that specifically offer remittance related solutions.

Transfer fast, transfer safe

Most people will be inclined to think of their bank as the first option for making cross border money transfers. The status quo in the financial world is currently being challenged, since a new breed of regulated FinTech companies recently started undermining the banks’ hegemony - for good reason. These companies offer lower fees and mid-market exchange rates banks do not want to compete with, packed in a modern, digital service that makes transferring money abroad a very simple and fast process.