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With Modern Fintech technology, consumers and businesses can now transfer money cross-border, safely, easily, rapidly and cost-effectively.
At, we took it upon ourselves to constantly research the global money transfer ecosystem, discover the best companies and services that enable international transfers - and make this information easily accessible to users worldwide. Our aim is to provide users with easy to use, personalised tools to choose the service that best suits their specific transfer needs. We compared the top bank-beating services in a few key areas: price (including exchange rates), service, technology and safety. We publish in-depth reviews on dozens of leading companies and provide comparative information in order to empower users’ smart choices.


When you need to make an international transfer, such as send funds for your loved ones abroad, buy a property overseas, make an investment, pay bills, book travel services or clear a recurring payment - we aim to help you make an educated choice, and complete your transfer quickly, easily, safely and cost effectively.
And while the options to transfer money are abundant, there are a few standout services that are better than the rest in the main criterias listed above.


Whether you need to pay your overseas suppliers, employees or partners, invest in a business-project abroad or buy a foreign asset quickly - with large international money transfers, every little detail could make a big difference. For example, some services are better for forward contracts and market orders, while others are more suitable for the FX Hedging or billing services. Are you exchanging currencies? where do your funds originate from?
Keep in mind that all these factors will play a role in determining what is the best way to transfer money abroad for your business needs.


In case you are currently working abroad and need to send money back home, want to support your loved ones in another country, or simply make a gift or donation.
Depending on the transfer amount, sending and receiving locations, delivery options and speed, currency pairs and exchange rates, local limits and government regulations, one should consider using services that specifically offer remittance solutions.

Transfer fast, safe

When it comes to cross border money transfers, most people would be inclined to turn to their bank for solution. However, a new breed of regulated fintech companies is undermining this hegemony in recent years, and for a good reason. With lower fees, mid-market exchange rates and a modern, digital service they make this process as fast and simple as 1-2-3.