Currency Solutions Review

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Company Information

Currency Solutions Limited is fully licensed and regulated to offer financial products and services, courtesy of the FCA (Financial Conduct Authority). The company is registered with HM Revenue and Customs and is compliant with Anti-Money Laundering regulations. This award-winning currency brokerage serves thousands of customers across the United Kingdom. It is guaranteed safe and secure, with fully segregated accounts for clients and business holdings, according to the strict legal framework established by the FCA.

Currency Solutions facilitates rapid international money transfers at a low cost. Established back in 2003, Currency Solutions is one of the most respected providers in the industry with competitive Forex rates on international money transfers. Additionally, the company focuses on customer service as a core tenet of its global strategy. Clients can enjoy 24/7 online currency transfers at the click of a button. Among the benefits of using this currency transfer broker are unique adaptations for businesses, personal uses, and online sellers.

How Currency Solutions Works

Whether you are an individual, a business, or an online seller, you can easily acquire Forex at the click of a button through Currency Solutions. To get started, simply click ‘Get Quote’. It is 100% free to enter the currency that you have, the currency that you want, and the estimated transfer amount. You simply enter the following information:

  • The Estimated Transfer Amount
  • Your Email Address
  • Your Name
  • Your Telephone Number

You will then be asked whether it’s for personal or business purposes while the quote is being prepared. The personal registration requires you to enter biographic information to process your request. For businesses, you will be required to enter your company details including the country of incorporation, the name, and the company number. Next, enter your personal details, your residential details, your contact information, security info, and how you heard about the services provided by Currency Solutions.

Currency Solutions provides free transfers for amounts greater than £3,000. There are no hidden fees involved, and clients are assured of the best rates. For personal transfers, you must complete a basic registration with your biographic details. This is an important part of the process since it locks in your personal information to ensure that only you can access your account information and process international money transfers. For businesses, additional details will be required to get started, with security checks and validations in place to meet with FCA regulatory requirements.

Does Currency Solutions Fit Your Needs

There are 3 primary demographics targeted by Currency Solutions Limited. These include personal users, business users, and online sellers. Each of these core target markets can benefit from the cost-effective FX transfers provided through Currency Solutions.

Personal users

As an individual, you may wish to transfer money abroad for any number of reasons including remittances for friends, family, payment of bills, real estate purchases etc. With Currency Solutions, you can process international money transfers at competitive exchange rates. Future purchases can also be locked in place with forwarding contracts, and thanks to a regular payments processing solution, international money transfers are easily facilitated. It’s equally easy to receive money from abroad. Whether you are receiving money from relatives, real estate, or other assets, you simply contact the Currency Solutions team to expedite these transfers. Since there are no hidden fees and free transfers for amounts greater than £3000, this is a preferred solution for personal users.

Business users

Currency Solutions has won international praise from businesses in the UK and abroad. The transmission mechanism is guaranteed safe and secure, and clients are assured of competitive rates and excellent service. Among the many benefits of the Currency Solutions offering are the following: multiple payments functionality, market orders, spot Forex, and forward FX contracts. Clients also get to enjoy superior customer support and service with flexible payment solutions and a host of market tools, resources and insights. Other benefits include participating forward contracts, vanilla, and collar options. The management team will also help businesses to mitigate foreign-exchange risk, with effective hedging strategies and constant monitoring and upgrading thereof.

Online sellers

Online sellers benefit from borderless accounts on a wide range of e-commerce platforms such as eBay, Amazon, and Etsy among others. The process works simply. Customers simply make a payment using foreign currency. The money will then be received by the online marketplace, and you will save money through a borderless account with the money being transferred direct to your bank account. Currency Solutions facilitates smooth receipts of Forex with minimal fees and commissions.

Why Should You Consider Currency Solutions

Currency Solutions confers many benefits on personal users, businesses, and online sellers. As an online seller, you get to enjoy a borderless account with your company. Automated transfers are assured provided the minimum transfer level has been locked in. Plus, you also get to enjoy tailored alerts based on your personal preferences, and a host of low rate FX transfers and significant cost savings.

There are many reasons why you should consider using Currency Solutions for your international money transfers. For starters, it is ideal for personal users, businesses, and online sellers. The company – Currency Solutions Limited – was founded over 15 years ago (in 2003) in London UK. This private company sports the Companies House #486-4491. It is fully licensed and regulated to offer a host of international money transfer services, courtesy of the FCA (Financial Conduct Authority). Competitive rates, excellent customer service, and various tailored solutions for multiple target markets are a few of the many reasons that Currency Solutions is the go-to solution for Forex transfers

How Much Does it Cost to Use Currency Solutions

Currency Solutions rates are based on the prevailing Forex rates in the market. One of the most important things to remember is that this international money transfer company offers bank-beating Forex rates to customers and businesses alike. It is important to seek out quotes to ensure that you are getting the best deal on your Forex transfers. The free quotes provide all fees, charges and Forex rates upfront – there are no surprises.

Transfer Speed

For the most part, transactions can be processed quickly, and the funds will be available as soon as the transaction has cleared. Of course, it depends on the urgency of your currency transfer. If you want an immediate transfer, funds will be sent within the same day. If your funds are arriving from overseas, you will likely have to wait several days for the money to be available. The processing time also depends on the currencies involved. Your payment method can also affect the time taken to process these IMTs (international money transfers).

Currency Solutions Customer Support

To get in touch with customer support, simply click on the Contact Us tab. You’ll be redirected to the online contact form where you can send a message to customer service representatives. The offices are located in several countries and cities around the world. For example, you can get in touch with the Dublin office, Amsterdam office, Paphos office, and the UK office (head office and corporate office) in London. The telephone number for UK clients is +44-020-7740-0000. Customer service representatives are professional, polite and prompt at all times. You may wish to consult with the FAQ section for stock responses to standard questions, for expedited solutions to your customer service queries.

Clients Feedback

Client feedback is overwhelmingly positive about Currency Solutions. On Trustpilot for example, there are some 1,778 reviews and an incredible 5-star rating. This is testament to the quality, professionalism, and affordability of the Currency Solutions FX services. Clients routinely tout the quality of service, affordability, and efficiency of these currency transfers. This FX broker was featured in The Financial Times, on BBC, and The Telegraph. It boasts a stellar rating with personal clients, business clients, and online sellers throughout the UK.

Bottom Line

This FCA licensed international money transfer company offers a wide range of tailored solutions to businesses, individuals and online sellers. It is competitively priced, regulated, and assists you with locking in low rates on international FX.


  • FCA Licensing and Regulation
  • No Transfer Fees and Amounts of £3000 +
  • Solutions for Personal Users, Businesses and Online Sellers
  • Segregated Accounts for All Clients to Protect against Insolvency, Liquidation, or Liens


  • Lengthy Registration Process
  • No Mobile Money Transfer App Currently Available
  • Minimum Transfer Amounts are £1,000 for Personal and £10,000 for Business Users.