Currency Transfer Review 8.2

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Company Information

CurrencyTransfer is an online money transfer enterprise which caters to businesses around the world. The management team which heads this company has over a decade of extensive experience in the complex world of solutions for international money transfers, and for personal money transfers.

The company was founded by Stevan and Daniel, and they sought out solutions to pay their suppliers without resorting to the high fees, commissions and hidden charges levied by banks. Instead of comparing Forex rates at Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) regulated companies individually – since this is a time-consuming process – CurrencyTransfer created an innovative platform geared towards comparative shopping for the best rates within 60 seconds.

The company’s predicated on 3 fundamental objectives: Control, Accessibility, and Transparency. Businesses benefit with maximum control over FX rates at all times. Since there are multiple FX suppliers on board, clients can pick the ones that best meet their needs. CurrencyTransfer Limited is FCA regulated, and based in London, England. The company also has offices in Tel Aviv, Israel. This international money transfer company is also the official global payments partner for Leeds United FC.

International Business Payments 

CurrencyTransfer offers an award-winning business Forex platform. It is geared towards providing clients with competitive corporate international money transfer rates. All companies operating with this money transfer service are FCA regulated suppliers.

According to in-depth analysis from clients, an average savings of 85% on Forex rates is enjoyed through CurrencyTransfer. International business payments with CurrencyTransfer are offered at competitive rates, with locked in Forex rates to safeguard company profitability.

For example, you simply choose your payment amount from £5,000 all the way up to £5 million. You can also easily see what your cost savings are per annum, and your typical bank fees and currency transfer fees too. The international money transfer calculator for businesses is a powerful tool that allows you to instantly determine how much you can save.

How CurrencyTransfer Works is unlike other international money transfer companies for many reasons. For starters, this company does not offer loans or Forex – it provides a platform where you can compare the best rates from multiple providers and choose the most beneficial international business transfer rates for your needs. By comparing live money transfer rates, you can guarantee 85% cheaper FX rates with no hidden fees.

Other services provided by this company include booking transfers, viewing your payment history, assigning recipients, and executing money transfers instantly. All transfers move from one bank account to another – there’s no holiday cash involved. CurrencyTransfer is not a provider of Forex services (i.e. currency brokerage), it is a facilitator of services. To get started, simply choose a personal account, or a business account, and compare rates based on your money transfer needs.

Who Should Use CurrencyTransfer

CurrencyTransfer is geared towards businesses operating internationally. If you are a business looking for a cost-effective international money transfer with the best Forex rates, it is advisable to use a service like CurrencyTransfer to save up to 85% on FX rates. The live marketplace gets feeds from multiple Forex providers, helping you to reduce the burden placed on businesses by High Street Banks. Additionally, there’s no need for FX broker salespeople to get their cut of your money.

Among the many benefits of using CurrencyTransfer are big savings, 20+ currencies to choose from, FX hedging solutions, no transactions fees, international transfers in the same day, fully regulated (FCA) FX providers, easy tracking of payments, and instant rate alerts. Many businesses use the services provided by CurrencyTransfer, including technology companies, fashion, aviation, charities, timber, online marketplace sellers, tourism and travel, importers and exporters.

Exchange Rates and Fees

This money transfer company offers a best price guarantee with 0 transaction fees. The company is so confident that the rates are the lowest for international business transfers that if you find a more competitive rate, you can simply email them details and they will refund the difference immediately. Since they work with multiple FCA-regulated FX providers, you can always choose the rate that best suits your needs.

Is CurrencyTransfer Safe and Reliable

Safety and security at is guaranteed. First of all, this company is registered in the UK with company #08806732. It is registered in London, UK. The exchange rates that are streamed live to clients are all FCA authorized institutions and supervised by Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs (HMRC). The company maintains segregated client accounts and is an advocate of AML (anti-money laundering) legislation. Compliance is mandatory for all transactions that are processed through CurrencyTransfer.

How Much Does it Cost to Use CurrencyTransfer

The good news for businesses wanting to make international money transfers with this company is at all transactions on the marketplace are 100% free of charge to use. You are allowed to shop around for the best rates and there is no charge for this service. Transparency is assured at CurrencyTransfer, and you will always know how much you are paying and/or saving based on the amount you wish to send in the country wish to send it to. To calculate the precise cost of international money payments, use the site calculator for an accurate figure. The benefit of sending funds abroad – whether for business or personal purposes – is that there is no maximum transfer amount available. The typical transfer size at this company is £20,000 however, the minimum business transfer is £5000.

Transfer Speed

If you choose faster payments at CurrencyTransfer, you’ll be able to send funds within minutes, as opposed to the hours that BACS/CHAPS usually take. The length of time it takes for a bank transfer to take place is dependent on multiple factors, but typically, you can expect your money to arrive immediately. Even payments that are made from a different bank (a bank other than your bank) will arrive on the same day. This is the benefit of using CurrencyTransfer for your international business money transfers.

Customer Support

You can get in touch with customer support by clicking on the Contact Us! button on the bottom right of your page. The chat function is powered by Olark and it allows you to instantly connect with an agent (when available). There are many other ways to get in touch, for example Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, and G+.

The FAQ section is a useful way to find stock answers to a series of questions. Other contact options include the online messaging system, and the Tel Aviv office. Clients are assured of highly responsive customer support with excellent customer service for technical, registration, and other issues.

Special Features

There are many unique features available through CurrencyTransfer, including a video tutorial section, expert analysis, a learning zone, and webinars. The FAQs provide stock answers to a host of questions, so that you can avoid waiting for customer service feedback. The product information section includes a full listing of supported currencies, security/regulatory measures, and terms of service. These features are geared towards helping you better understand your options when it comes to international business transfers.

Clients Feedback

CurrencyTransfer has generated positive feedback among clients, as evidenced by multiple video recommendations on site, and verifiable client feedback. Various objective review sites such as Trust Pilot have an excellent rating of from 133 reviewers. The services provided by this international money transfer company are ranked highly by users.

Bottom Line

CurrencyTransfer does a fine job of hooking you up with the widest possible range of FCA-regulated FX companies to ensure that you can lock in a low-cost, zero commission money transfer. Whether for business purposes or personal purposes, this company gives you the power to make the choices that are best suited to your business needs. Be advised that the benefits only accrue to businesses sending amounts of £5,000 or more.


  • Businesses and individuals have plenty of choices with FX rates
  • Same day transfers with different banks
  • Segregated accounts with FX providers
  • Zero transactions fees
  • FCA regulation (Financial Conduct Authority)


  • Suited to transfers greater than £5,000