FairFX Review

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Company Information

FairFX is a London-based Forex provider. The company specializes in offering a customer-friendly approach to buying foreign currency, using innovative technology and direct to client services. FairFX focuses on TravelMoney by using credit cards, online bank transfers or debit cards to complete currency exchanges.

The company operates FX services at a lower rate than High Street Banks (5% less) and Airports (8% less). As one of the leading UK international currency exchange service providers, FairFX has been running since 2007. Personal and business clients can utilize cost-effective solutions to buy currency for international travel purposes. Combined, there are 30 million+ ATMs and merchants around the world operating the FairFX system with mobile apps and online money transfers.

How FairFX Works

FairFX allows personal and business clients to easily buy currency for travel abroad and international money transfers too. The process of applying for a Currency Card can be completed online. Once the online registration form has been filled out, a confirmation email will be sent. The FairFX Currency Card will be sent within 5 days. On the odd occasion, the FairFX card may take longer to receive, and for emergency requests the TravelCash service can be used. The FairPay service runs on the online platform. Clients can complete transfers over the Internet, but sums of £5,000 + should be transferred after speaking to a FairFX dealer.

Typically, the major currencies such as the CNY, EUR, GBP, and USD are transferred and paid on the same day. Other currencies such as the ZAR, CHF, RUB will be transferred anywhere from 1 – 2 days. The FairFX Currency Card is similar to other debit cards and can be used online, at ATMs, and stores. Spending amounts range from £5,000 through €7,500, or $10,000 per day. Clients can easily top up their cards by transferring money online or via debit card.

 Who Should Use FairFX?

Anyone who wants to travel abroad – or send money abroad – should use FairFX services. There are currency cards available in a Euro Card, Dollar Card, or and Everywhere Card. The Euro Card is ideally suited to the Eurozone with a competitive rate that is locked in before you make travel plans. The Dollar Card is best for the United States. Clients can lock in a competitive dollar exchange rate prior to travel plans being made. The Everywhere Card is best for travelers on multi-stop trips. FairFX also offers a Family and Friends Card to anyone 14+ years old.

Exchange Rate & Fees

Since currency exchange rates are in a constant state of flux, it is necessary to evaluate how any money transfer service compares against the competition. For FairFX, the currency card typically results in savings of £51.11 as at April 28, 2017. The cost savings are based on loading £1,000 onto a FairFX Euro Card on the aforesaid date. This savings is compared to the AA Travel Card, ICE and Tuxedo Cards. As for the Travel Money card, FairFX offers free next day delivery on cash orders and a Euro rate of 1.1600 and a dollar rate of 1.2620. These compare much more favourably than other Travel Money cards in Marks & Spencer, NatWest and Travelex. FairFX does not specialize in any particular money transfer service, and offers a broad range of options including remittances, travel money, property purchases etc.

Is FairFX Safe and Reliable

Yes. FairFX is fully regulated by HMRC. On the London Stock Exchange (LSE), client funds are securely held by Barclays, in a segregated account. FairFX is PCI DSS compliant, and this ensures maximum data privacy and protection protocols. To register for an account in the UK, clients are required to include their name, surname, date of birth, full address and verifying information. Outside of the United Kingdom, proof of address, an acceptable government-issued ID, and date of birth is required.

How Much Does it Cost to Use FairFX

All rates for FairFX services are posted on site. Card rates are also posted on the homepage for users to see. Once you have determined how much money would like to send, you can click the order now button to see the prevailing live rate. This acts as a guide for the current exchange rate. The cost of delivery for travel cash is free provided your order is £750 +. Orders between £500 and £750 will incur a £5 delivery fee. Orders below £500 will cost £7.50 in delivery fees. For FairPay, the current rate is posted on site. This is otherwise known as the international money transfer service and it allows for transfers between a UK-based bank account to an overseas bank account for free.

As for the prepaid card issue fee, the current rate is £9.95. For the family and friends card purchase, the cost is £6 and there is no monthly management fee. UK point-of-sale transactions fees are 0 in the US and the EU, but the Everywhere Card fee is 1.4%. Sterling ATM transaction fees are €1.50 for the Euro Card and $2 for the US dollar card. The Everywhere Card costs £1+1.4%. International ATM fees cost €1.50 for the Euro Card, £1+1.40% for the Everywhere Card and $2 for the US dollar card. All other costs are listed under the FAQ section.

Transfer Speed

Typically, the major currencies such as the CNY, EUR, GBP, and USD are transferred and paid on the same day. Other currencies such as the ZAR, CHF, RUB will be transferred anywhere from 1 – 2 days.

FairFX Customer Support

Customer support is available by clicking on the Contact Us button. Customer support reps respond to clients within 24 hours. Email service is available for general inquiries and for customers abroad. International payments can be directed at the customer support payments team from Monday through Friday 8:30 AM through 5:30 PM. The international telephone number is +44 0 2 077789350. Phone lines are available for lost or stolen currency cards, for PIN reminders and more. You can also contact customer support by writing to them in London at FairFX PLC. Clients can get in touch with the company via social media platforms such as LinkedIn, YouTube, Facebook and Twitter.

Special Features

A friend referral bonus program is available. Client simply need to click on the voucher step to the left of the screen and they will be provided with a link to send to friend or a family member. If the friend/family member clicks on the link, the new card activation fee of £9.95 will be waived and the referring client (you) will receive a £10 voucher.

Client Feedback

FairFX has received a rating of 9.1/10 from 4,390 reviews on TrustPilot. 82.6% of the reviews are 5 stars.

Bottom Line

FairFX is a competitive international currency services provider based in the UK. It offers a basic range of products that cater to the entire market. These cover EUR, USD and Worldwide currencies. Competitive exchange rates can be locked in well ahead of time, and the option to contact dealers for trades over £5,000 is also available. The dealers will also call the client if required. They can tailor your offerings and lock-in rates on forward contracts. This is especially useful for travel cash and currency cards. FairFX is currently the only Forex provided that is listed on the LSE.


  • The only FX provider listed on the LSE
  • Licensed and regulated by HMRC
  • Competitive Forex rates
  • User-friendly interface and registration
  • Official Forex partner of Leicester City Football Club


  • No services for US clients
  • Information on current exchange rates is only possible when initiating a transaction
  • You need to wait for the cards to be delivered