FC Exchange Review

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Company Information

FC Exchange is a UK-based international money transfer company. FC Exchange is the trading name for Foreign Currency Exchange Limited. It is fully licensed and regulated to offer financial services, courtesy of the FCA (Financial Conduct Authority). This money transfer services enterprise is owned and operated by Global Reach Group Ltd. the company’s registration number is 09907831. 

Over the years FC Exchange has facilitated the transfer of £5 billion with a 98% recommendation rating from 25,478 clients. The co—founder and chief operating officer of the company is Nicolas Fullerton. At the time of writing, David Stevens was the chief executive officer. FC Exchange has featured prominently in the UK media, including The Telegraph, and the Sunday Times.

How FC Exchange Works

FC Exchange makes it possible for business transfers or personal transfers to take place. Getting started requires selecting either a personal account, or a business account. Within minutes, individuals can transfer funds abroad at competitive exchange rates. Registering a personal account is a 4-step process. This requires customers to enter biographic information (address, nationality, title, first name, last name, job title, date of birth, email, telephone number etc.). Once the information has been entered, clients must acknowledge having read the terms and conditions of FC Exchange. Steps 2 through 4 include customer requirements, finalizing details of the transaction, and then confirming the international money transfer.

For business transfers, the process is a little different. All the transactions are managed by Global Reach Partners – the parent company of FC Exchange. There are two basic money transfer services available, including international money transfers to/from the rest of the world, and international money transfers to/from South Africa. For rest of the world transfers, businesses will be redirected to the Global Reach Group website to process the transaction. Corporate foreign exchange rates are provided by expert consultants. South Africa transfers redirect business customers to the business account for bespoke currency solutions. Important company information must be entered such as company name, type of business, country of registration, registration number, company website, company address details and primary contact information. Once these blocks have been entered, the 3-step process can be finalized.

Who Should Use FC Exchange

FC Exchange currently supports business and individual transfers of funds abroad. As an individual, you can complete the 4-step process and have your money transferred abroad quickly, cost-effectively, and smoothly. Businesses are required to input additional information, subject to verification. Transfers to the rest of the world are redirected through the Global Reach Group. Transfers through South Africa are conducted on the FC Exchange platform.

Personal Users

FC Exchange fully supports personal users on site in with things like one off payments, regular payments, purchasing property abroad, moving abroad, or even opening a personal account abroad.

Business Users

Business users are also fully supported at FC Exchange. Business transfers require business information to be input, including company name and registration. The benefits of using e- money institutions allow businesses to hold their funds for an indefinite period of time. E- money institutions provide greater interest prospects for businesses, especially when compared to low-interest bank account yields. Client funds are maintained in segregated accounts, subject to the Financial Conduct Authority’s regulations.

Why Use FC Exchange

FC Exchange is owned and operated by a trusted enterprise in Global Reach Group. This international money transfer services company has also featured prominently in the Telegraph, and the Sunday Times, lending further credibility to its services. It is 100% safe and secure to use and verified as such through the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). Plus, all client funds are held in segregated accounts and are not commingled with company assets. To date, this international money transfer service company has processed over £5 billion worth of transactions and boasts 25,478+ satisfied clients with a 98% positive recommendation. The company also has a 1A2 credit rating through D&B (Dun & Bradstreet) with DUNS #34-646-7629.

How Much Does it Cost to Use FC Exchange?

The exact exchange rate charged by FC Exchange depend on the currencies that are being transferred. However, since this company is a low overhead enterprise, it can beat the bank rate by a long margin and pass the savings on to customers in the form of lower spreads on Forex rates. There are no fees charged on transactions when the minimum value is £3000 +. However, certain banks may tack on routing charges or receiving payment fees.

Transfer Speed

Opening an account takes several minutes, since personal information must be input. Once this information has been verified, an international money transfer can take place. The process is similar for individual transfers and business transfers. When money transfers are made to FC Exchange via SEPA or BACS, they must arrive by the value date, failing which outgoing payments will be delayed. Payment to beneficiaries is dependent on the currency that is being sent. The GBP, USD, EUR, and CAD are processed in the same day and will arrive on the same day. Other currencies can take up to 2 business days to arrive. Payment confirmation will be sent to individuals or businesses either way.

FC Exchange Customer Support

FC Exchange customer support is professional, courteous, and responsive. The FAQ section fields most questions that users have, including payments-related issues, rates and fees, transfer times, third-party payments, method of delivery, details of senders and receivers, spot rates, forward rate etc. The email address for any complaints about the processing times or customer support is complaints@FCexchange.com. An online contact form is also available for expedited queries. Clients are simply required to enter their title, business name, email address and the subject of their query. For telephone assistance, the number to call is +44-0-20-7989-0000.

Clients Feedback

Customer service reviews of FC Exchange have generally been positive. The company’s services have garnered a 98% favourability rating from over 25,000 users. On TrustPilot, FC exchange has an excellent rating from 638 reviewers.

Bottom Line

FC Exchange is a world-class international money transfer service for personal and business transfers. Many of the compliments relate to the professionalism and rapid transfers of funds. The information required by this international money transfer company takes some time to input, but this ensures that everything is compliant with the FCAs stringent standards.


  • Good rating on TrustPilot
  • FAQ section is detailed and helpful
  • Ideal for business and individual usage
  • Full licensing and regulation by the FCA
  • Competitive exchange rates and no fees


  • No specifics about the exchange rates on site
  • Full registration needed to access many features
  • Several reviews complained of misrepresented rates