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Company Information

Kantox is an international forex company based in the United Kingdom. Kantox Ltd is licensed by the FCA (Financial Conduct Authority) to provide financial services throughout England and Wales, with FRN #580343, under the Payment Services Regulations of 2017. The company is headquartered in London, England, and is operational across 124 countries, with 134+ currencies, and an estimated 2,100 + clients. To date, the company has processed an estimated $6 billion worth of forex transactions.

The range of products include standard offerings and advanced solutions. These encompass international payment options, spot transactions, forward transactions, market orders, hedging, API and payments-related activity. As a ranking currency services provider, Kantox has featured prominently in many business journals including Financial Times, the Wall Street Journal, the Business News Network, BBC News, and Forbes Magazine.

How Kantox Works

Kantox is used for forex transactions. The company conducts the necessary due diligence to ensure compliance with FCA requirements, including KYC protocol. To get started, business traders simply need to login to their account, specify a beneficiary bank account and then navigate to the trade section. This is where all forex trades are set up. Kantox telephonically confirms details of transactions for the first 3 trades that are made.

It is possible to request automatic trading facilities without telephonic approval. This requires the use of a signing key which is provided by the company. As soon as trades have been verified, settlement instructions will be transmitted via email, and visible on the dashboard. All funds that are transferred to Kantox are held in segregated accounts to protect against insolvency, claims against the business, or misappropriation of funds.

Who Should Use Kantox

This international money transfer service is not set up for use by individuals. It is geared towards companies. Kantox has indicated that it may offer services to individuals in the future, however those facilities are not yet available. To get started, companies will be required to open a demo account which can then be switched to a live trading account. Forms must be completed, to ensure compliance with KYC policy.

Companies will be required to specify all business details including articles of incorporation, identities of people who will be transacting, and certified documentation vis-a-vis the company’s postal address and any outstanding authorisation that is needed. It takes up to 48 hours for paperwork to be processed and trading access to be granted.

Personal Users

Currently, Kantox does not offer services to personal users. It is expressly designed for company usage.

Business Users

As indicated above, the international money transfer services provided by Kantox are geared towards business users. Companies and their representatives must start by opening a demo account, providing the necessary paperwork, and submitting it for approval. Business users can enjoy daily trading, a wide range of products and solutions, competitive pricing and low spreads.

Why Should You Consider Using Kantox

Kantox was created for use by companies. The range of solutions and products are best suited towards international trading where forex rates play a big part in profitability. If your enterprise is an SME (small and medium enterprise) or a mid-cap company, you are the ideal candidate for this company’s forex services. Kantox allows for risk mitigation by facilitating hedging, and a minimal exposure to currency volatility. These services are geared towards small companies and large-scale multinationals alike.

How Much Does it Cost to Use Kantox

The FAQ section lists details of pricing and spread. There are commissions levied on all trades, but a transparent pricing policy is in effect. This company displays interbank rates, unlike the banks. This means that clients always know precisely how much they are paying and how much the company (Kantox) is generating from trades. The commission structure is fixed, and it doesn’t vary based on other factors. The interbank exchange rate is provided in real-time, and the commission is predicated on how much has been traded. There are no hidden fees in effect. Of course, the precise costs are dependent on the currencies that are traded. Major pairs, minor pairs, and exotic pairs may be subject to different exchange rates and commissions.

Transfer Speed

Given their relatively small client base, and lack of reviews on unbiased review sites, it is hard to gauge any reliable information about processing times for international currency transactions.

Kantox Customer Support

The customer support team works from Monday through Thursday between the hours of 9 AM CET through 7 PM CET, and also between 9 AM and 5 PM on Fridays. Customer support is available via email or telephone. The email address is the following: support@kantox.com, and the telephone number is +34-935-679-834. Customer support can also be addressed to the UK telephone number +44-20-3608-6984. The FAQ section is the best way to find reliable information about this company’s services, and a comprehensive set of questions and answers is provided. These include daily trading, getting started, operational questions, pricing/spread, products & solutions, regulatory measures, and technical queries.

Clients Feedback

There is limited client feedback about the services provided by Kantox. Given that there are only around 2000 clients worldwide, compared to tens of thousands for other international money transfer services, it makes sense that client feedback is hard to come by. The on-site reviews are overwhelmingly positive (as expected), but there are no reviews on TrustPilot for this company.

Bottom Line

Kantox is a recent entrant to the international money transfer services arena. This company caters to SMEs and large-scale corporations alike. It provides a wide range of services including technology-driven forex services for hedging, guarding against forex volatility, and one-click transactions. It was also the recipient of the Deloitte 2014 award for innovation, and the 2015 winner of the European FinTech ICT spring awards.


  • 2000+ clients globally
  • Multi-award-winning forex company
  • $6 billion in Forex transactions conducted since inception
  • Fully licensed and regulated by the FCA in England and Wales


  • No objective reviews on the company’s services
  • Limited information on fees and exchange rates
  • Relatively small client base compared to competitors