Pangea Review

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Company Information

Pangea Money Transfer is a private company based in the United States. The owners set forth on a mission to provide cost-effective, transparent, and secure money transfer services. It invests in sophisticated technology to ensure that mobile money transfers are processed promptly, professionally, and precisely. This international money transfer service company is available in 15 countries throughout South America, and Asia.

Customers can have money transferred directly into their bank accounts, or to cash pickup locations. This ensures minimal fees and commissions, no waiting times, and enhanced savings. Pangea Money Transfer is an online money transfer service with full functionality on Android smartphones and tablets, and iOS devices.

Services are provided to the following Latin American countries: Colombia, Dominican Republic, Honduras, El Salvador, Mexico, and Guatemala. Asian countries also enjoy access to this money transfer service, including China, India, Vietnam, Thailand, Philippines, Singapore, Bangladesh, Malaysia, and Indonesia. While money transfers are not available from all US states, at least 33 states already support Pangea money transfers.

How Pangea Works

Pangea Money Transfer processes international financial transactions in under 30 seconds. To get started, customers must register an account – it’s 100% free. To do so, a mobile number is required, including other biographic information (name, address, personal security questions). Once you have entered your mobile number, you can create an account.

The app download is free, and it allows you to set up a new transfer, or a repeat transfer to any of the supported countries. Customers can simply input the transfer amount, the payment method, and where the funds will be collected (bank accounts, debit cards (limited), or cash pickup) payment for the money transfer can be made via debit card or bank account, and in certain states, payments can be processed at the local 7-Eleven.

Who Should Use Pangea Money Transfer

Anyone from the listed 15 countries in Latin America and Asia can use Pangea Money Transfer services provided they meet with the following criteria: Both the sender and the receiver of funds must be at least 18+ years of age. Pangea only supports individual money transfers – no business transfers or company transfers are permitted.

In other words, personal debit cards and personal bank accounts must be used, not business debit cards, credit cards, or bank accounts. If the amount that you’re looking to transfer is less than $2,999 per day, this is the ideal money transfer service to use. The daily limit is also capped at $2,999. Anything bigger requires a different international money transfer company.

Personal Users

Pangea Money Transfer is designed expressly for personal users. It is a low-cost, transparent, and secure money transfer service for people wanting to send money to friends and family abroad. At the time of writing, the international money transfer services were limited to just 15 countries across Asia and Latin America, with growth prospects on the horizon.

Business Users

Pangea does not allow the use of business debit cards, business credit cards, or business bank accounts to process international money transfers. It is designed for individuals only.

Why Should You Consider Using Pangea Money Transfer

If you live in any of the 15 listed countries, and you want to make a personal international money transfer from the US to Latin America or Asia, Pangea is a viable solution. It is a cost-effective way of sending money abroad (between $20 – $2,999), with competitive exchange rates and low fees. The app is free to download and install, and customers may also input promo codes to get better rates. If you are a new user, you qualify for a promotional code which gives you $10 for your first transfer. This credit will be added to your account.

How Much Does it Cost to Use Pangea Money Transfer

The money transfer services vary by country and by method of payment. You can pay with a debit card, or with a bank account. The cheapest way to make payments is via bank account, and in many cases, there are $0 fees attached to these transactions. For debit card payments, the minimum fee is $4.95, with fees going as high as $24.95 to countries like Honduras, and El Salvador. The bigger fees are associated with the exchange rates charged by Pangea. Details of the specific fees will be available when you are processing a transaction.

Transfer Speed

No specific information is provided about the length of time that it takes to receive funds via this money transfer service. However, the sender and the receiver need to provide verification of their ID before money transfers can be completed.

Pangea Money Transfer Customer Support

Customer support is available via telephone (+1-866-858-9928 between the hours of 9 AM and 6 PM CST). Email queries can be directed to the following address: Perhaps the most useful way to get resolution for your questions is through the FAQ section. Easy-to-understand solutions are presented for a wide range of topics including account information, exchange rates, sending/receiving money, paying with cash, daily limits, complaints, canceling transactions and security-related issues. You can also easily access information on specific countries vis-à-vis fees, pickup locations, bank deposits, debit card options, availability, restrictions etc.

Clients Feedback

Client feedback on TrustPilot has generally been positive. The company enjoys a 4/5 star rating from 664+ reviewers. At the App Store, Pangea has a 4.0/5 rating from 21 reviewers, and at the Google Play Store it has a 4.3/5 rating from 1,347 reviewers.

Bottom Line

Pangea is a trusted way to make international money transfers. The company has generally favorable reviews on external review sites, and offers low-cost solutions to individuals. It is available at 46,000 retail locations in Asia and Latin America, with services in 15 countries. The iOS and Android apps are free to download and install, and transactions up to $2,999 per day are permitted.


  • Receiver does not pay any fees to collect money
  • There are no hidden fees when exchanging currencies, or receiving funds
  • Bank account transfers of $500 +, or $750 +, or $1000 + may be available with zero fees depending on your country schedule


  • No chat function
  • Limited global coverage
  • Cash payments are currently only available in the state of Illinois
  • Transfers are limited to $300 per day in cash, or $2,999 per day in total