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Company Information

This company is involved in facilitating money orders, check-cashing, mobile top ups, online bill payments, and prepaid debit cards among others. This remittance-oriented company is operational across Latin America, Asia, Africa, Central America, the United Kingdom, and continental Europe. It boasts a strong social media presence on YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter, and is fully accredited by the Better Business Bureau. This online money transfer service facilitates mobile payments solutions on iOS and Android, courtesy of apps at the App Store and the Google Play Store.

How Ria Works

The process of sending money online requires you to complete several steps. Firstly, customers must select a country from the drop-down menu. Next, select the amount you would like to send. Your recipient will receive the amount in the local currency – as displayed on screen at the prevailing currency exchange rate. Next, you will be required to select the payment method. Your options include: cash, debit card, credit card, or bank account. You will also be required to choose a payout method – either cash pickup at a physical location on the receiver’s side, or bank deposit. Prior to concluding the transaction, you will see the prevailing exchange rate, the transfer fee (if applicable), and the option to ‘Send Now’. This locks in your current rate, and it can easily be compared against other international money transfer services for remittance purposes. It is free to register an account online, but you will be required to provide government-issued identification to verify your identity. Your address can be verified with utility bills, and you will also be required to add your recipient’s information and choose a preferred payment method.

Ways of Receiving Money 

Ria Money Transfer offers clients several convenient ways of receiving money. These include courier delivery, cash pickup, and bank deposit. Courier delivery is available in several countries, and money is literally transported via courier to your home or workplace. The countries that currently offer this service include Peru, Dominican Republic, Nicaragua, Vietnam, and the Philippines. With home delivery services, clients are advised to double check with customer support for the updated list of countries that may enjoy these benefits.

Cash pickup is another convenient option available to customers, and it is available in 149+ countries globally. Ria Money Transfer allows you to collect cash from 350,000+ agent locations, and all that is required is the customer order number on your receipts, and a government-issued identity document. Bank deposit options are another useful delivery method available to clients around the world. All that’s required is the receiver’s bank account number and the receiver’s routing number.

Why Use Ria Money Transfer

Ria Money Transfer offers a convenient selection of delivery options – bank deposit, cash pickup, and courier delivery. Plus, you can easily contact customer support between Monday and Friday from 5 AM through 6 PM PST and on Saturdays and Sundays between 6 AM and 6 PM PST. The customer service team works hard to provide responsible feedback to clients on a wide range of topics. Ria Money Transfer costs are another big plus.

For starters, the total cost of your international money transfer or remittance depends on how much you’re sending, the country you’re sending the funds to, and the speed you would like the transactions to be processed. There are three ways that you can send money – credit cards, debit cards, and bank account transfers. Fortunately, this company offers competitive pricing and you can always find out exactly how much you will be paying and how much the receiver will be collecting with the price calculator tool.

How Much Does it Cost to Use Ria Money Transfer

The transfer fees are dependent upon 3 factors: The amount of currency you’re sending, the speed, and the country you’re sending the money to. It is important to remember that the rates offered by Ria Money Transfer differ between the physical agent locations and the online money transfer service. In terms of how much you can expect to pay/receive when remittances are processed, it’s always best to use the price calculator feature which will prominently display the exchange rate. If you’re looking to send $3,000 + in a day, it is best to use the physical agent locations. This online money transfer service limits transactions to less than $3,000 per day, and the maximum amount that is permissible over 30 days is $7,999.99.

Transfer Speed

Delivery times vary depending on the method of delivery that you’ve selected – debit card/credit card or bank account transfers. Typically, a credit card or debit card transfer takes 15 minutes to process, and if you’re sending money through your bank account, you can expect the process to take up to 4 business days. The reason for this delay is that your financial institution needs to verify that there are funds available in your account, and the process needs to be completed between both banks. When it comes to receiving money, the best medium of exchange is a courier service. Of course, this is dependent on the business hours of the courier service, and whether your country/city qualifies for this option. A caveat is in order: all international money transfers are subject to ID verification and approval.

Is Ria Safe and Reliable

Safety and security is paramount at this money transfer company. A detailed section is dedicated to scams, fraud and security, and it is advisable that customers read it thoroughly to ensure that they do not fall victim to such practices. If you are concerned about the safety and security of your online money transfer, you can contact the customer support team at +1-877-443-1399. This international money transfer company is Norton secured, BBB accredited, and trusted by customers the world over.

Ria Money Transfer Apps 

Ria Money Transfer is fully compatible with Android smartphones and tablets, and iOS smartphones and tablets. You can access the remittance and money transfer services via the apps at the Google Play Store, and the App Store. At the Google Play Store, the app has a 3/5-star rating from 90 reviewers, and at the App Store, it has a 2.7/5 rating from 80 reviewers.

Ria Customer Support

Questions and queries can be directed at customer support via the toll-free telephone number at 1-877-443-1399. The hours of operation are 5 AM through 6 PM PST from Monday through Friday, and 6 AM through 6 PM PST on Saturdays and Sundays. You can also get in touch with customer support representatives at the company via Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. Other contact options include the help & support online contact page.

Bottom Line

Ria Money Transfer offers a cost-effective way to send remittances abroad. It is quick and easy to register, calculate costs, and submit your international money transfer. Luckily, this money transfer service is also available via the Google Play Store and the App Store, making it a convenient option for customers. The company is BBB accredited, and the services are available globally.