Tuyyo Review

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Company Information

Tuyyo is an international money transfer service expressly designed for recipients in Mexico. All services provided by Tuyyo are overseen by BBVA Transfer Services Inc. with license #937914. This money transfer services company is fully licensed by multiple US states and authorities including the Rhode Island Division of Banking, The Massachusetts Division of Banks, the Georgia Department of Banking and Finance, and the New York State Department of Financial Services. This international money transfer company facilitates safe, secure, and reliable money transfers between the United States and Mexico and has been doing so for over 20 years. The money transfer services provided by this company are backed by one of the world’s largest banks, BBVA with operations in 35 countries.

How Tuyyo Works

Tuyyo prides itself in simplicity and functionality. This mobile money transfer app service is available to users on iPhones and iPads via the App Store, or Android smartphones and tablets through the Google Play Store. Tuyyo provides instructional videos on how to send money with the service, and how to receive money with the service. At the time of writing, the money transfer service was offering a $0 transfer fee, subject to successful registration and verification of the user’s identity.

How to Send Money With Tuyyo

  • Register for the app
  • Click the send money button
  • Enter the recipient’s full legal name, cell number, and home address
  • Select the pickup method from the available options (ATM pick up, cash pickup, bank transfer)
  • Enter the transfer amount and the payment option you wish to use
  • Users can scan or type in card information
  • Once everything has been confirmed, click the send button
  • You can add a brief message for the recipient at the end

How to Receive Money With Tuyyo

  • Senders have a choice of 3 pickup options (ATM pick up, cash pickup, bank transfer)
  • ATM pickups have 11,000 BBVA bank locations available in Mexico. 

*Note that BBVA Bancomer requires the receiver to enroll at the bank in person for the first time.

  • At the ATM, a 12-digit code will need to be entered (provided via SMS) as well as a for 4-digit code provided by the sender. Simply input both these codes to receive your cash.
  • Cash pickup is another option available to recipients. There are several thousand cash pickup spots across Mexico. To collect cash, simply present ID, and provide the confirmation number. The funds will be directly deposited into your account.
  • Direct to bank transfers are another option available for receiving money from Tuyyo. The sender will require your bank details, including the name of the bank and the account number.

Regardless of the pickup option that has been selected, Tuyyo will send an SMS to the recipient and the sender to verify the details of the transaction.

Who Should Use Tuyyo

Tuyyo is ideal for individual users. This money transfer service is designed for international payments between the United States and Mexico. The service requires users to be at least 18+ years of age, and in possession of a US credit card, or a US debit card. This money transfer service is easy to use, and ideally suited to anyone wanting to send money to Mexico. It is also a great way for people in Mexico to receive money.

Personal Users

Tuyyo is perfectly suited to personal users. This service touts itself as a friendly, easy, convenient and cost-effective way for people to send money to friends, family, and loved ones in Mexico. Registered members in the US and Mexico enjoy maximum benefit from this service. As a personal user, a limited amount of information is needed to verify your ID. This validates the transactions and secures your online money transfers. Personal information is required for compliance purposes. All data is protected by SSL encryption and a firewall.

Online Sellers/business

This money transfer service is not designed for e-commerce/business operations; it is an effective way to send money from the USA to family and friends in Mexico.

Why Should You Consider Using Tuyyo

Anyone interested in a cost-effective method of sending money from the US to Mexico should consider Tuyyo. It’s relatively easy to get up and running, and minimal information is required to send funds to Mexico. There are no commissions, and no convoluted terms and conditions to worry about either.

How Much Does it Cost to Use Tuyyo

There are no transfer fees on small amounts, making this one of the best online money transfer services for individuals. For example, you can send up to $1,000 with no fees provided you have verified your account information. That amount is restricted to $500 when you use the ATM pickup method. Users who do not verify their information will be subject to a $5.49 fee on each transfer.

Transfer Speed

According to the company, most international money transfers are processed within minutes. There are some reasons why money transfers may take a little bit longer including lack of sufficient information, account verification, payment processing difficulties (hours of operation, network functionality), or the wrong recipient data. These elements can slow down the money transfer between the US and Mexico.

Tuyyo Customer Support

Tuyyo customer support is available via email, telephone, social media, and through FAQs. The email address is help@tuyyo.io. The telephone number is (844) 683-5319. The support representatives work hard to satisfy customers, with fast and friendly service. You can also get all the help you need from the Tuyyo Love community. They have an active Facebook page, Instagram profile, and YouTube channel. For quick answers to a range of questions, it’s always a good idea to reference the FAQ section. The FAQs include general questions, set up, sending and receiving topics, fees and exchange rate, troubleshooting and disclosures.

Clients Feedback

Client feedback is generally positive about Tuyyo’s services on external review sites. There are no TrustPilot reviews of this money transfer service however the App Store features 54 reviews and a 3.9/5 rating. At the Google Play Store, the Tuyyo app has been reviewed 118 times and features a 3.9/5 score from users.

Bottom Line

This online money transfer service between the US and Mexico is easy to use, cost-effective, and geared towards individual users. You can receive your money in 3 ways, including ATM, cash pickup, and bank transfer. It’s ideal for small transfers, since the fees are low and the exchange rates are competitive.