Halo Financial Review

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Company Information

Halo Financial is a professional provider of foreign exchange services. This Forex broker has been authorized by the FCA (Financial Conduct Authority) to provide business services, and individual services to clients. Halo Financial sports the following company # FRN 528727, and the following registration # 12197454, courtesy of Her Majesty’s Revenue & Customs MSB. Among others, personal and business clients will be able to conduct a wide range of international currency exchange services.

These include trading, making international payments, making regular currency transfers, settlements and the like. The money transfer services are designed to be quick, easy and cost-effective. The benefits of using Halo Financial include hassle-free forex services, safe and secure operations, and a wide range of currency tools allowing customers to buy/sell forex at the most profitable times. This also allows registered members to hedge against unfavourable exchange rate movements, and the provision of limits with automated orders.

How Halo Financial Works

Halo Financial is geared towards individuals and businesses. The money transfer mechanism depends upon the nature of the account. For example, money transfer services for individuals require formulating a currency strategy. Since rates can be protected by choosing the most opportune time to buy/sell, this also hedges against volatility. To get started, clients must register an account. This is possible via several channels, telephone, mail, or online. Once the account registration has been completed (it is 100% free), business or individual clients can obtain a quote.

The Forex consultants are standing by to assist with all aspects of the forex transaction. After the quote, a trade confirmation via email lists all pertinent details of the quote. Next, funds will be transmitted via the bank to pay for the Forex transaction. Email confirmation will be provided as soon as the funds have been received. The final step in the process is receipt of the payment. At the conclusion of the Forex transaction, the beneficiary (recipient) will be issued the funds and email verification thereof will be submitted.

Who Should Use Halo Financial?

Halo Financial is best suited to individuals and businesses that are tired of paying high Forex rates on money transfers abroad. The benefits of using this company’s services is that they have tailored their offerings to the individual client. The company has adopted a customer-centric approach to operations, ensuring that everyone gets treated with fairness, respect, and equality.

There are specific categories of people who can benefit from this Forex broker’s services, notably those who owned overseas property (or intend to buy property abroad), or those who are emigrating. This UK-based company goes the whole 9 yards when it comes to value-added services. It offers complementary downloads and insights on how to buy overseas property safely, how to emigrate abroad, how the Brexit will impact cross currency exchange rates, and how to purchase property in the United Kingdom. Individuals or businesses seeking a customer-focused online money transfer service will benefit from Halo Financial.

Personal Users

Individual users a.k.a. personal users are welcome to transact with Halo Financial. This international online money transfer service is best to use when purchasing overseas property, making international money transfers, or for emigration purposes. A registration is needed before any forex services can be conducted.

Business Users

Business users can also benefit from the range of services provided through Halo Financial. One of the biggest problems faced by businesses is currency volatility. Halo Financial allows business clients to choose the most favourable foreign exchange rates. This risk mitigation strategy can help to lock in profits for businesses conducting international transactions. Complementary currency updates are provided, and a host of risk management guides is available as a value-added service to businesses.

Online Sellers

Online sellers can benefit from the services provided by Halo. With competitive exchange rates, and easy to use services, this money transfer company has won praise from individuals and businesses alike.

Why Use Halo Financial

There are several reasons why individuals and businesses should consider using the forex services provided by Halo Financial. This online money transfer service company is fully licensed and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. The FCA is the consumer watchdog for all financial businesses in the United Kingdom. Segregated accounts are a guarantee against insolvency, liquidation, or claims against the business. Halo has been operational since 2004, and is celebrating with high consumer ratings on third party review sites. The services provided by this company are best in class, as evidenced by the dedicated Forex consultants available to clients.

How Much Does it Cost to Use Halo Financial?

The fees associated with using this international money transfer service depend on the currencies in question, and the countries involved. The minimum/maximum limits per transaction start at £250 per month and rise from there. It is possible to send £400 twice a month, or £500 quarterly. The cost of these transactions is just £5 monthly. It is not always necessary to pay a deposit to secure a regular currency transfer. The deposit is not a fee, since it is used for securing the Forex contract.

Transfer Speed

According to Halo Financial’s frequently asked questions (FAQ), the length of time needed for a transaction to be processed is dependent upon several factors. This includes where the money is being sent, how quickly the beneficiary bank can process the transaction and credit the recipient’s account. Typically, currency such as the CAD, USD, GBP, and EUR can be credited in the same day. Other currencies such as exotic currency pairs and minor currency pairs are next day currencies. These include the ZAR, JPY, NZD, HKD and AUD. Bank holidays can also play a part in delaying a currency transfer from being processed.

Halo Financial Customer Support

The frequently asked questions section is particularly helpful at Halo financial. It details a full listing of categories, including registration, trading, payments, regular currency transfers, settlements, affiliates, and even a glossary. It is easy to get in touch with the customer service team via social media on G +, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. The telephone number is 02073505474 to get in touch with customer service representatives. The office is open from Monday through Thursday between the hours of 8:30 AM and 8 PM. On Fridays, halo financial is open between 8:30 AM and 5:30 PM. The office is closed on Saturdays and Sundays. For snail mail queries, businesses or individuals can easily contact Halo financial at the following address: 2018 Halo Financial Ltd. Registered in England No. 5155787.
Battersea Studios 2, 82 Silverthorne Road, London, SW8 3HE, United Kingdom.

Clients Feedback

The average customer rating on Feefo is 4.8/5. The ratings indicate that the services offered by this online money transfer service are professional, personable, and responsive. 

Bottom Line

Halo Financial offers a wide range of international money transfer services to businesses and individuals. It’s possible to lock in preferred exchange rates, to mitigate losses that may result from forex transactions. This forex broker offers competitive rates, low fees, and expedited services.


  • FCA regulated
  • Segregated accounts
  • Business and individual services


  • Limited to the United Kingdom
  • Several clients complain of difficult registration process
  • Smaller than other leading providers of Forex services